Fix My Street is an online tool that lets you report an issue to City Services for attention.

You will need to create an ACT Digital Account to report issues and can track the progress of your request.

Use Fix My Street

What you can report or request

You can report issues and concerns about the following topics.

For indicative response times, visit the City Services website.

Cycle and footpaths

You can:

  • report damaged or blocked paths
  • request new paths or ramps to paths
  • request cleaning of debris off paths

Grass, trees and shrubs

You can:

  • report death cap mushrooms
  • request tree inspections
  • report weeds or request mowing or maintenance outside the seasonal schedule
  • report damage or vandalism to public or private trees
  • Report privately owned shrubs/hedges which are growing onto footpaths, public walkways, urban open space, blocking access or causing a line-of-sight issue
  • request tree planting
  • report grass causing line of sight issues

Roads and vehicles

You can:

  • report accessibility issues
  • report damage to road areas such as potholes or damaged signs
  • report safety issues such as speeding or faulty traffic signals
  • request street sweeping outside the seasonal schedule
  • report abandoned vehicles.

Parks and public spaces

You can:

  • report damage to facilities such as public BBQs, toilet, parks, and playgrounds
  • report graffiti or vandalism
  • report safety concerns such as sharps, toxic fumes or chemicals
  • report movable signs such as corflute signs advertising events or businesses, A-frame signs or real estate signs
  • report litter or illegal dumping


You can:

  • report tie and mains blockages, floods and leaks
  • request cleaning, repair or maintenance of stormwater drains.

If your issue relates to sewerage or potable water, contact Icon Water on 02 6248 3111.


You can:

  • report damaged poles, flickering, dim or broken bulbs
  • request additional streetlights.

Submit a Fix My Street request

What you can't report

Some requests can’t be actioned through Fix My Street.

The following either need to be reported to another authority, or by using a different Access Canberra process.

Use other Access Canberra processes

Contact the relevant authority

Upcoming maintenance

You can find out what maintenance works are going on in your region each week on the City Services website.

Information is updated every Friday and includes:

  • bin collection
  • mowing
  • weed spraying
  • road resurfacing
  • road closures
  • footpath upgrades
  • street sweeping
  • water quality.

Visit the City Services website to find out what's happening this week in your region.