To estimate a registration renewal, you need your current ACT numberplate.

To estimate a new registration, you may need your:

  • vehicle type and weight
  • engine type (petrol, gas, diesel, electric) and capacity
  • vehicle price or market value
  • the combined CO2 emissions.

If you don’t know your combined CO2 emissions, use the Green Vehicle Guide.

Calculating your registration

The tool will show you any fees that apply including:

  • registration fee
  • motor vehicle duty
  • motor accident injuries insurance
  • extra charges.

For registrations due from 1 July 2024, we calculate your registration fee component based on the emissions of your vehicle. The first line of your registration estimate shows you the registration fee component. Learn how emissions-based registration may decrease your registration fee.

New registrations

We define a new registration as a vehicle that is:

  • a brand new vehicle
  • an interstate registered vehicle
  • currently unregistered (cancelled or unregistered for more than 12 months).

Which vehicle types can use the tool

The current version of the tool can help you calculate your registration costs for light vehicles (less than 4.5 Gross Vehicle Mass). These vehicles include:

  • private vehicles
  • public vehicles
  • light buses
  • veteran, vintage and historic vehicles
  • motorcycles
  • trailers or caravans.

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